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One finely tuned, powerful, and custom website for all devices. Simply, beautiful.

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One website for all devices

Custom software made just for your business.

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Are you an entrepreneur? Have an idea for a mobile app?

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Get a very large following, naturally on your business's social media accounts.

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Mobile apps to help run your business. Mobile apps that are your business.


We build mobile apps for businesses and entrepreneurs all throughout the United States. You may need an app to greatly enhance the operation of your business. Or, you or your business, may need an app built to sell in stores. Either way, we got you covered! We build all apps completely from scratch, to ensure perfection. We also assist you in developing the concept of your app to ensure innovation. We build apps for Apple iOS and Android. Find out all of the many benefits, we offer with our mobile app development services. The Service Store >

The Service Store >

Our Mission Statement

We have a number of missions we are trying to accomplish here at Theoretical Technologies. The first of which is improving the technology businesses use in The United States. The truth is most websites are poorly built, or lack originality because they are a template. We strive to build perfect, and highly sophisticated technology products. Also, we build and design all products from complete scratch, so they are always original. Every commercial product we build for our clients, comes with an astonishingly beautiful brand. We believe branding is a form of art and take great passion in picking up the brush, to paint your brand. For all technology products we build, we even help our customers expand their concepts. We do this, because we always want the product to reach it's fullest potential. We want to make sure your product is special. We know the unlimited possibilities computers can create, we intend to reach the limits.

Draw large audiences to your website, naturally.

Website Traffic

With our Internet Marketing and Social Media service, you will gain a large amount of visitors on your website. These visitors will be obtained naturally. How we do this is merely a matter of spreading the word. However, in a very sophisticated high-tech way. This service uses a blend of private technologies we built, and other methodologies. We offer this service to all businesses, even if we did not build their website. This service is also a bundle, and comes with multiple marketing services, all in one. The Service Store >

The Service Store >